IQ EQ SQ Whole Person Learning ModelIQ EQ SQ as a Framework

Years of research has highlighted the explicit but complex links between our intellectual, emotional and social qualities [IQ, EQ and SQ] in everyday interactions. How well these realms interact is a basic measure of our success as human beings.

Using her IQ EQ SQ Mode™l and years of practical experience in the education field, D. Trinidad Hunt has created Quest 4 Character, a curriculum framework that is both theoretically sound and easily implemented in the classroom. Students learn to appreciate the values that make them who they are and how those values can influence their relationships with others.

What is Character Education & how can Quest 4 Character help?

The apparent decline of values in our community created great political and social debate over recent years. As a result, Character Education has become something of a “hot” topic, with the expectation that schools will ‘fill the breach’. Yet Character Education programs are often implemented without guidance or the necessary tools to meet expectations. Quest 4 Character was designed to address this concern, complementing and extending existing Character Education programs in schools.

Quest 4 Character provides the necessary substance to support the philosophy of Character Education with clear examples and achievable goals. The IQ EQ SQ Model™ is used for the transformation of a school culture. Students are immersed in a character culture. Practical step by step exercises help students understand themselves and how they connect with their peers and the community. The lessons learnt will help their studies, as well as their interactions in and beyond school, now and in the future.

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